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AWStats 5.5 Beta is ready

AWStats 5.5 Beta is ready

I am pleased to announce that AWStats 5.5 beta is ready.

Version 5.5 is an update that fix minor bugs and add new features.

This new version is for the moment a beta version. If you look for a stable version, please use 5.4.

You can download 5.5 beta from AWStats official web site:
Beta version is available in tgz package only.


Note 1:
Old deprecated values for -lang option (-lang=0, -lang=1...) has been removed (since 5.4). Use -lang=code_language instead (-lang=en, -lang=fr, ...).
Note 2: Old deprecated -month=year option must be replaced by -month=all when
used on command line (since 5.4).
Note 3: The tooltips feature is now stored into the plugin "tooltips" (since 5.4). So you
must enable this plugin by adding the line
into the config file, to have tooltips enabled.


- Summary robots list was limited to MaxNbOfLoginShown instead of being limited to MaxNbOfRobotShown value.
- Fixed a bug when using HBL codes in ShowRobotsStats parameter.
- AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingAuthenticatedUsers now works for users with space in name.

New features/improvments:
- Added a 'Screen Size' report.
- Group OS by families. Added a detailed OS version chart.
- Better 404 errors management. URLs are always cleaned from their parameter to build '404 not found' URLs list (because parameters are not interesting as they can't have effect as page is not found). Referrer URLs list for '404 not found' URLs are kept with parameters only if URLReferrerWithQuery is set to 1. This make this report more useful.
- Added 'geoipfree' plugin (same than 'geoip' plugin but using the free Perl module Geo::IPfree).
- 'geoip' plugin can works with compiled Perl module Geo::IP but also with PurePerl version (Geo::IP::PurePerl).
- Added 'userinfo' plugin to add information from a text file (like lastname, office department,...) in authenticated user chart.
- month parameter can accept format -month=D, not only -month=DD
- Optimized code size.
- Optimized HTML output report size.
- Added plugin ipv6 to fully support IPv6 (included reverse DNS lookup).
- Split month summary chart and days of month chart in two different charts in main page. This also means that ShowDaysOfMonthStats and AddDataArrayShowDaysOfMonthStats parameters were added.
- Added -staticlinksext to build static pages with another extension than default .html
- Added QMail support.

- Added Isle of Man, Monserat, and Palestinian flag icon.
- Added "local network host" and "Satellite access host" in label of possible countries and icons (They appears when using geoip plugins).
- Better management of parsed lines counting. The last line number is also stored in history file, for a future use.
- Removed LogFormat=5 option for ISA log file because I am fed up of supporting bugged and non standard MS products. Sorry but this takes me too many times. To use AWStats with an ISA server, just use now a preprocessor tool to convert into a W3C log file.
- Added estonian and serban language.
- Updated documentation and language files.

Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2003-05-03

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