AWStats 5.4 final has been released

AWStats 5.4 final is ready

I am pleased to announce that AWStats 5.4 final has been released.
Version 5.4 is an update that fix minor bugs and add new features.
You can download 5.4 from AWStats official web site:


Note 1:
Old deprecated values for -lang option (-lang=0, -lang=1...) has been
removed. Use -lang=code_language instead (-lang=en, -lang=fr, ...).
Note 2:
Old deprecated -month=year option must be replaced by -month=all when
used on command line.
Note 3:
The tooltips feature is now stored into the plugin "tooltips". So you
must enable this plugin by adding the line
into the config file, to have tooltips enabled.


- File name with space inside were not correctly reported when doing FTP log
server analysis.
- Problem in %Wy tag for ten first weeks of year (coded on 1 char instead
of 2: First week should be "00" instead of "0").
- Tooltips now works correctly with Netscape (>= 5.0).
- Better parsing of parameters (Solved bug 635962).
- Users did not appear in Authenticated users list if hits on pages were 0.
- Value of title "Top x" for domains chart was not always correct.
- Fixed bug 620040 that prevented to use "#" char in HTMLHeadSection.
- Whois link did not work for jp, au, uk and nz domains.
- WhoIs link did not work if host name contained a "-" char.
- Fixed a bug in mod_gzip stats when only ratio was given in log.

New features/improvments:
- Lang parameter accepts 'auto' value (Choose first available language
accepted by browser).
- Little support for realmedia server.
- Added tool.
- Added URL in possible values for ExtraSection first column.
- New parameter: URLWithAnchor (set to 0 by default).
- Export tooltips features in a plugin (plugin tooltips disabled by default).
- Added average session length in Visit Duration report.
- Added percentage in Visit Duration report.
- can read .gz or .bz2 files.
- Added icons and Mime label for file types report.
- Added parameters AddDataArrayMonthDayStats, AddDataArrayShowDaysOfWeekStats,
and AddDataArrayShowHoursStats.
- Added the Whois info in a centered popup window.
- Cosmetic change of browsers reports (group by family and add bar in
- Other minor cosmetic change (remove ShowHeader parameter).
- Authenticated user field in log file can contain space with LogFormat=1,
and they are purged of " with Logformat=6 (Lotus Notes/Domino).
- The AWSTATS_CURRENT_CONFIG environment variable is now always defined
into AWStats environment with value of config (Can be used inside config
file like other environment variables).
- Added offset of last log line read and a signature of line into the
history file after the LastLine date.
- Better error report in load of plugins.

- AWSTATS_CONFIG environment variable renamed into AWSTATS_FORCE_CONFIG.
- Replaced -month=year option by -month=all.
- Added an error message if a -migrate is done on an history file with
wrong file name.
- GeoIP memory cache code is now stored inside plugin code.
- Added list of loaded plugins in AWStats copyright string.
- Added European and Sao Tome And Principe country flag.
- Added Safari browser icon.
- Updated documentation.

Laurent Destailleur for AWStats.


Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2003-02-24

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