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AWStats 5.4 Beta is ready

AWStats 5.4 Beta is ready

I am pleased to announce that AWStats 5.4 beta is ready.

Version 5.4 is an update that fix minor bugs and add new

This new version is for the moment a beta version. If you
look for a stable version, please use 5.3.

You can download 5.4 beta from AWStats official web site:
Beta version is available in tgz package only.


Note 1:
Old deprecated values for -lang option (-lang=0, -lang=1...) has been
removed. Use -lang=code_language instead (-lang=en, -lang=fr, ...).
Note 2:
Old deprecated -month=year option must be replaced by -month=all when
used on command line.
Note 3:
The tooltips feature is now stored into the plugin "tooltips". So you
must enable this plugin by adding the line
into the config file, to have tooltips enabled.


- File name with space inside were not correctly reported when doing FTP log
server analysis.
- Problem in %Wy tag for ten first weeks of year (coded on 1 char instead
of 2: First week should be "00" instead of "0").
- Tooltips now works correctly with Netscape (>= 5.0).
- Better parsing of parameters (Solved bug 635962).
- Users did not appear in Authenticated users list if hits on pages were 0.
- Value of title "Top x" for domains chart was not always correct.
- Fixed bug 620040 that prevented to use "#" char in HTMLHeadSection.
- Whois link did not work for jp, au, uk and nz domains.
- WhoIs link did not work if host name contained a "-" char.

New features/improvments:
- Lang parameter accepts 'auto' value (Choose first available language
accepted by browser).
- Little support for realmedia server.
- Added tool.
- Added URL in possible values for ExtraSection first column.
- New parameter: URLWithAnchor (set to 0 by default).
- Export tooltips features in a plugin (plugin tooltips disabled by default).
- Added average session length in Visit Duration report.
- Added percentage in Visit Duration report.
- can read .gz or .bz2 files.
- Added icons and Mime label for file types report.
- Added parameters AddDataArrayMonthDayStats, AddDataArrayShowDaysOfWeekStats,
and AddDataArrayShowHoursStats.
- Added the Whois info in a centered popup window.
- Cosmetic change of browsers reports (group by family and add bar in
- Other minor cosmetic change (remove ShowHeader parameter).
- Authenticated user field in log file can contain space with LogFormat=1,
and they are purged of " with Logformat=6 (Lotus Notes/Domino).
- The AWSTATS_CURRENT_CONFIG environment variable is now always defined
into AWStats environment with value of config (Can be used inside config
file like other environment variables).
- Added offset of last log line read and a signature of line into the
history file after the LastLine date.

- AWSTATS_CONFIG environment variable renamed into AWSTATS_FORCE_CONFIG.
- Replaced -month=year option by -month=all.
- Added an error message if a -migrate is done on an history file with
wrong file name.
- GeoIP memory cache code is now stored inside plugin code.
- Added list of loaded plugins in AWStats copyright string.
- Added European and Sao Tome And Principe country flag.
- Added Safari browser icon.
- Updated documentation.

Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2003-02-09

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