AWStats 5.1 final has been released

I am pleased to announce that AWStats 5.1 final has been released.

Version 5.1 is an update that fix minor bugs and add new

You can download 5.1 from AWStats official web site:

Note 1:
AWStats 5.x are compatible with previous versions (3.x or 4.x).
However if you use awstats 5.x runtime to read statistics for old month
build with 3.x or 4.x, speed will be a little bit reduce but data will be
reported correctly.

To benefit the speed/memory improvement of 5.x (2 to 8 times faster when
reading stats, less memory use) you can migrate (after backup) your history
files with the command : -migrate="/fullpath/awstatsMMYYYY.configval.txt"

Note 2:
Old deprecated command line parameter site= has been removed.
Use config= instead (replace site=, since awstats 3.0).

Note 3:
A new parameter URLReferrerWithquery appears and is set by default to 0,
this means your referrer chart will report external web sites URL with
no parameters. Set it to 1 if you want to keep old way of working.


  • Better support for ftp log files.
  • Better support for mail log files.
  • Can analyze streaming log files (Windows Media Server).
  • Added choice of month and year in list boxes (when used as CGI).
  • The data values for month and days are reported in main page under the
    graph, no need to change page.
  • New feature: ShowxxxStats parameters accept codes to decide which columns to
    show in chart.
  • New parameter: Added SkipUserAgents parameter to exclude some user agent
    from statistics.
  • New parameter: Added URLNotCaseSensitive.
  • New parameter: Added URLWithQueryWithoutFollowingParameters to exclude some
    parameters from URL when URLWithQuery is on.
  • New parameter: Added URLReferrerWithquery.
  • Added tag %Wm-n for LogFile parameter (replaced with the week number in month
    but differs from %WM-n because start with 0).
  • Added tag %Wy-n for LogFile parameter (replaced with the week number in year
    but differs from %WY-n because start with 0).
  • Added tag %Dw-n for LogFile parameter (replaced with the day number in week
    but differs from %DW-n because start with 0).
  • Fixed: Log analyze is no more stopped if log file contains binary chars.
  • Fixed: -debug option is allowed in migrate.
  • Fixed: Wrong window was opened when clicking on flag link when
    UseFramesWhenCGI was on.
  • Fixed: Fixed pb in refreshing page when clicking on "Update Now" link (no
    need to force the refresh).
  • Fixed: a bug which makes the keywords report loaded twice when page viewed
    as a cgi after an update now click.
  • Fixed: Pb with SAMBAR server ('Expires' line appears at the top of pages).
  • Fixed: Now last update DNS cache file is saved with same permissions than
    history files so it depends on SaveDatabaseFilesWithPermissionsForEveryone.
  • Fixed: Some sorting function were still using old 4.1 algorithm. Now all
    sorts use new 5.0 algorithm (so speed and memory use again increase above
    all for large web sites with a lot of referers).
  • Fixed: Remove DecodeEncodedString on parameters sent by command line.
  • Rewrite plugins to match the same standard for all of them (All use an init
    function + AWStats version check + no need of global vars in
  • Can use the #include "configfile" directive in config files.
  • Added week-end color on week-end days in monthdayvalues report.
  • Added 'spider' and 'crawler' as generic robots.
  • Added tool.
  • Remove tool (useless).
  • Updated graph colors.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated database.
  • Updated language files.

Laurent Destailleur for AWStats.


Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2002-10-26

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