AWStats 5.1 Beta is ready

I am pleased to announce that AWStats 5.1 beta is ready.

Version 5.1 is an update that fix minor bugs and add new

This new version is for the moment a beta version. If you
look for a stable version, please use 5.0.

You can download 5.1 beta from AWStats official web site:
Beta version is available in tgz package only.


  • Better support for ftp log files.
  • Better support for mail log files.
  • Can analyze streaming log files (Windows Media Server).
  • Added choice of month and year in list boxes (when used as CGI).
  • The data values for month and days are reported in main page under the
    graph, no need to change page.
  • New feature: ShowxxxStats parmaters accept codes to decide which columns
    show in chart.
  • New parameter: Added SkipUserAgents parameter to exclude some user agent
    from statistics.
  • New parameter: Added URLNotCaseSensitive.
  • New parameter: Added URLWithQueryWithoutFollowingParameters to exclude
    parameters from URL when URLWithQuery is on.
  • Added tag %Dw-n for LogFile parameter (replaced with the day number in
    but differs from %DW-n because start with 0).
  • Fixed: -debug option is allowed in migrate.
  • Fixed: Wrong window was opened when clicking on flag link when
    UseFramesWhenCGI was on.
  • Fixed: Fixed pb in refreshing page when clicking on "Update Now" link (no
    need to force the refresh).
  • Fixed: a bug which makes the keywords report loaded twice when page viewed
    as a cgi after an update now click.
  • Fixed: Pb with SAMBAR server ('Expires' line appears at the top of pages).
  • Fixed: Now last update DNS cache file is saved with same permissions than
    history files so it depends on
  • Fixed: Some sorting function were still using old 4.1 algorithm. Now all
    sorts use new 5.0 algorithm (so speed and memory use again increase above
    all for large web sites with a lot of referers).
  • Fixed: Remove DecodeEncodedString on parameters sent by command line.
  • Rewrite plugins to match the same standard for all of them (All use an
    function + AWStats version check + no need of global vars in
  • Can use the #include "configfile" directive in config files.
  • Added week-end color on week-end days in monthdayvalues report.
  • Added 'spider' and 'crawler' as generic robots.
  • Added tool.
  • Remove tool (useless).
  • Updated graph colors.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated database.
  • Updated language files.
Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2002-10-19

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