AWStats 3.2 has been released

AWStats 3.2 final is ready

I am pleased to announce that AWStats 3.2 final is ready.

Version 3.2 has a lot of new features.
Next version will be 4.0 with a new code to manage larger
web sites.

You can download 3.2 final from AWStats official web site:


  • Increased speed (19% faster than 3.1).
  • Fixed: AWStats history file is no more corrupted by hits made from a search
    engines using a URL with URL encoded binary chars.
  • Fixed: AWStats history file is no more corrupted when a reverse DNS lookup
    return a corrupted hostname (Happens with some DNS systems).
  • Fixed: Security fix. No more possible to update stats from a browser using
    direct url ( when AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser is off.
  • New feature: Added various tags to use dynamic log file name in conf file
    according to current but also older date/time (%YYYY-n,%YY-n,%MM-n,%DD-n...)
  • New feature: Added NotPageList parameter to choose which file extensions to
    count as "hit only" (and not reported in the "Page-URL viewed" report).
  • New feature: Added KeepBackupOfHistoricFiles option.
  • New feature: Number of visits is also visible in days stats.
  • New feature: Added stats for day of week.
  • New feature: Added stats for file types.
  • New feature: Added stats for entry pages.
  • New feature: Added stats for web compression (mod_gzip).
  • New feature: Added stats for authenticated users/logins.
  • New feature: Added parameters to choose which report to see in main page.
  • New feature: Added URLWithQuery option to differenciate
    http://mysite/sameurl?param=x of http://mysite/sameurl?param=y
  • New feature: ShowFlagLinks can now accept list of all wanted flags for
    translation link.
  • New feature: Add logresolvemerge tool to merge splitted log files
    from a load balancing web server before running awstats.
  • New feature: Support standard ISA server log format.
  • New parameter: NbOfLinesForCorruptedLog.
  • Fixed: no more warning/error messages when runned with option perl -w.
  • Reference database (robots, os, browsers, search engines, domains)
    has been extracted in external files.
  • Other minor updates (new flags, reference database updates, ...)
  • Fixed: Parameter MaxNbOfHostsShown was not working correctly.
  • New languages.
  • Added an HTML documentation.

Laurent Destailleur for AWStats.


Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2002-01-06

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