AWStats 2.24 Beta is ready

AWStats 2.24 Beta is ready

The AWStats Group is pleased to announce that AWStats 2.24 beta is ready.

Version 2.24 has a lot of enhancements. Most of them are to make this software
easier to use. I still didn't include daily statistics in this version but this will be part of the 2.3.
The 2.24 beta version is available since a long time ago so it has already been
tested by a large number of users, so this beta phase should be very short and
the 2.24 release should be available very soon.
Thanks for your feedback about this version.

You can download 2.24 beta from AWStats official web site:


  • Add a way to include dynamic current year, month, day and hour in LogFile parameter.
  • Option to choose month, year and language is also available from command line.
  • https request are correctly reported.
  • Add initialization of parameters to avoid problem of bad cache with mod_perl.
  • Fix check of parameters to avoid 'Cross Site Scripting attacks'.
  • Add flags for Mongolia, Maldives, San Marino, Senegal.
  • New keyword detection algorithm (Now use a search engine url database like Webalizer AND old algorithm of AWStats for unknown search engines).
  • Add option to report keywords used from search engine as separate words or as full search strings.
  • Add greek, czech and portuguese translation (now 9 different languages supported).
  • A better and faster config file parsing. Solve the problem of "=" into the HTMLEndSection parameter.
  • AWStats is no more sensitive to DOS-UNIX config files.
  • Disable DNS lookup only if host has at least 1 alphabetical char.
  • Better management of corrupted log files.
  • Make difference between windows NT and windows 2000.
  • Add OmniWeb and iCab browser. Better MacOS detection.
  • Make AWStats still working even when MS IndexServer return a bad HTTP return code (like "1" instead of a "three digits" number).
  • Fix problem of missing year=yyyy in some links.
  • Fix a bug of empty page when domain has "info" in its name.
  • A lot of minor changes.
  • 252 domains/countries, 44 browsers database, 24 OS, 252 robots, 39 search engines.
Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2001-04-22

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