#92 Sort by Bandwidth

Kevin Jordan

I would just like to beable to see what files are
taking the most bandwidth... it would be nice to have
it calculate the average size with the number of hit's
it's recieved to get a totally bandwidth column and
then just a simple sort on that.

I'd be willing to help write it if I get a spare
second and it would help me out and be pretty simple
to implement.

--Kevin Jordan
kevin @ netkruzer.com


  • Joe Vigil
    Joe Vigil

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    I second the motion. I'd like to see users who are using the
    most bandwidth first...

    • JFV
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    I agree Kevin.

    However, I would like to take it 1 step further and suggest that
    all column titles have the ability to sort. Would be very
    helpful in many situations such as seeing the largest file
    downloaded in a month (quickly), group the Hosts or Domain
    columns in Alphabetical/numerical order, etc.

    Thanks for a great product!!!

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    Yupz... very good.. i need this too..
    I will go with ezdmv to make all column sortable!

    • PD
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    Has anything happened with this feature request?

    I would love this feature as well - we want to sort all the
    listings in reports by bandwidth instead of by hits, but I
    cannot find any information on how to achieve this.


  • Hi,

    awstats is very useful, but it would be far more useful if it was capable of sorting on an arbitrary column.

    Can this feature be added ?

  • Usefullness of awstats would be greatly improved if it were able to sort on arbitrary columns.

    Can this feature be implemented ?