#30 Show info for more HTTP error code


Would it be possible to add a feature to show more
info for each HTTP error code? Currently, additional
information is only available for error code '404'.

I would like to see information on '403'
(which 'forbidden' pages people try to access)
and '301' (which pages people are redirected from and
to). It would also be nice if referrer information was
available for this info.

Thanks in advance!


  • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

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    A task has been added in the TODO list.

  • Karl Ove Hufthammer

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    I've taken a closer look at the standard log files, and see
    that getting information on where the user was redirected
    to, is (almost) impossible. But you can get information
    on what page the user was redirected from, and the
    referrer. If, for example, the user clicked a link on <URL:
    http://www.example.org/links.html > which leads to the page
    <URL: http://www.mysite.org/oldpage.html >, which redirects
    to <URL: http://www.mysite.org/newpage.html >, the log
    (standard format) will say: - - [20/Nov/2001:15:10:11
    "GET /oldpage.html HTTP/1.1" 301
    372 "http://www.example.org/links.html" "Mozilla/4.0
    (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; QXW03398)"

    This info can be represented in a table:

    /oldpage.html | http://www.example.org/links.html |
    5 | --------------------
    /otherpage.html | http://www.example.org/otherlinks.html |
    3 | ------------
    /oldpage.html | http://www.othersite.org/nicelinks/ |
    2 | --------

    The first column contains the name/URL of the redirect page
    (i.e.,the page that has moved, and that the user was
    redirected from). The second column contains the URL of
    the referring page. The third column contains the number of
    times the redirect occured, and the last column contains
    the same info displayed as a bar graph. Note that each row
    contains a redirect and referrer pair. The
    page 'oldpage.html' was redirected from 7 times (first and
    third row), but from two different referrers. It would also
    be nice if the same info could be displayed based only on
    the redirect page (as a separate table). Example (same data
    as above):

    /oldpage.html | 7 | ----------------------------
    /otherpage.html | 3 | ------------

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Actually, it would be nice if this info was available for all the possible HTTP error codes (displayed as outlined above), not only for 403 and 301 pages.


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