#148 create weekly statistics


On big sites weekly stats are of interest. Even if it
increase processing time, it is definately worth it.
Maybe this can be an option and does not effect the
processing time?


  • Che, Dong

    Che, Dong - 2003-04-02

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    yes, I think week stat even daily stat is very important

  • Ken Menken

    Ken Menken - 2003-06-24

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    Just in case the features with the biggest "rah rah" crowd get
    implemented first, I agree -- it would be very helpful to see
    for a particular day (even more than week) some specific
    information for that day, beyond the summary -- meaning
    clicking on a particular day would bring up, for example, the
    most popular pages ('Full list' being a click away), referrers,
    entry pages, search engine terms, etc.

    It would appear that the info by day could be added to a
    by-day file at the same time as it was being added to a by-
    month file, increasing size of the data storage (but not by
    much) without noticeably affecting processing time.

    Thanks for considering this!

  • Christoph Nagel

    Christoph Nagel - 2003-09-13

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    I also find this a most useful feature. It would be great if you
    could compare individual weeks - comparison of months is not
    enough, for example if you need to measure the success of
    google adwords cmapaigns and the like....

    Is there any chance of getting this fixed...? This would really
    mean a BIG step forward for awstats!

  • Bwana Zulia

    Bwana Zulia - 2003-10-27

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    To add:

    In the "Reported Period" drop down, just add a day(s), so we
    any report/view can be down to the days or between two day(s).

    Reported Period: MONTH DAY -> DAY YEAR

    Example Day View:
    Reported Period: OCT 10 -> 11 2003

    Example Week View:
    Reported Period: OCT 10 -> 17 2003

    Example Two Week View:
    Reported Period: OCT 10 -> 24 2003

    Example Default (blank):
    Reported Period: OCT - -> - 2003


  • CD

    CD - 2004-01-22

    Logged In: YES

    DAILY stats make even more sense. Developers can check
    out Wusage 8.0 for an example of how to do this.


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