#14 Add full referer links with search engine count

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When users come from search engines, this is
summarized under the name of the search engine.

But it would be nice to see (optional ?) the exact
referer link.

E.g. the statistic shows:

  • Google 5
  • MSN 4

With this, I can not see, what the user last did on
Google before he (she) came to my website.


  • Peter Geoffery

    Peter Geoffery - 2002-03-12

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    Would like to see more information in this context.

    Keywords : IP(Resolved) : Search Engine : Date/Time.

    As this will let me know who is typing in what key phrases

  • Jason Reid

    Jason Reid - 2002-11-16

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    This is exactly what I was going to suggest after seeing a
    feature like this on another stats package I saw one a site
    tonight. The one thing that would be really helpful is seeing
    what keywords/phrases came from which engine, though
    unlike hwat peter suggested, I don't think the IP would be
    helpful to have in that window, though either way its a good
    idea.. IMO the best place to implement this would be a new
    page thats availible by clicking on the name of the engine in
    the list of search engines or something similar.

  • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

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    So just

  • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

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    Thanks for your feedback on AWStats.
    After studying your feature, I decided to discard it because of the
    following reason :

    A such feature will decrease dramaticaly AWStats speed making
    it working only on small Web site (and may be medium) and my
    policy is to build/maintain one software that works with all web
    sites (even the larger).

    I hope you understand this.
    May be in a future, if i have time to manage several versions of
    AWStats (pro, light, ...), i will reconsider my position.

  • Stephen Challen

    Stephen Challen - 2003-10-30

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    A full referrer link is provided for websites we refer visitors,
    and therefore allows us to view the site that gave the
    referral. It would be useful to have a page that allows us to
    return to the results page for search engines. This will allow
    us to see easily our search engine positions etc.

    Although this may cause problems, with regard to processing
    power, for some however for those with enough server power
    and the need to see the search engine results could it not be
    provided as a plugin?


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