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Alex Holt
  • Alex Holt

    Alex Holt - 2010-07-28

    As anyone modified awstats to spit out to the screen or to a text file
    something more than the 1000 most viewed pages? My use case is that we want to
    retire content from the site that is unused and potentially polluting the
    search index. What I would like to do is create a histogram of pages view to
    see if there a naturally tendency of pages views or perhaps even an 80/20
    rule. I am not expecting awstats to do that (but it would be nice).

    Much thanks,

  • Albrecht Mueller

    Hi Alex,

    You may want to have a look into the AWStats database files, between the
    "BEGIN_SIDER" and "END_SIDER" markers. Is this the information you need?




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