ThereIsNoName - 2007-06-25


I just installed and configured AWStats 6.6, and most things works just fine.

The site I am doing statistics for has a lot of pictures/images in it which I dynamically generate thumb nails for. Since most pages have a lot of thumbnails on them the statistics I get now are kind of misleading since every thumb nail shows up as a page. The option I have found for dealing with this is that I am able to set extensions for pages that should be counted as hits. This is not enough in my case since the extension in my case would be .aspx, which would lead to no pages at all in my site.

Is there any way of defining a regular expression to match for each request to see if it is a hit or not?

If not, what would be the easiest way to hack this feature into AWstats? Is it possible to do with a plug in? or do I have to change the core code? Any hint on where to go and what to do?