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Websites with /?page=abc

  • JS Beckerist

    JS Beckerist - 2005-02-25

    My website (as an example: ) uses, instead of, If you go to the website you'll see what I mean. The website is entirely database run, so there isn't any way around this. Is there any way to track the pages viewed via the variables that are called on each page? This would be much more helpful... I haven't viewed the source yet, but when I get time I'll write more about whether or not I'm going to program this myself...

    • JS Beckerist

      JS Beckerist - 2005-02-28

      I've found a workaround. My website uses cold fusion. I think I can possibly make a fake log with all variables used (or just a cgi.query variable) as well as times and referrer...That's really all the information I need. Again, I'll post more as I work on it more...


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