securing awstats output

  • cakicins

    cakicins - 2005-05-30

    In a hosting evnironment I would like to secure the output for each site so that only the site admins have access to their statistics. Has anyone done this?

    • Christophe Chisogne

      A simple way (with Apache) is to add a .htaccess in the awstats dir, granting access only to some users.

      Or you can generate static html files with awstats, each set of files in a specific directory for each site. And then add .htaccess to that dir.

    • cakicins

      cakicins - 2005-05-31


      Thank you for your reply unfortunately i'm on IIS 6, and would rather not go the route of static pages if at all possible. I'm looking at either editing the or creating a wrapper script at this point.

    • TJ

      TJ - 2005-06-11

      If your customers have machine accounts, remove permission for the MACHINE\IUSR_MACHINE to execute so the user will be challenged for authentication.

      If not how about using the Authentix ISAPI ( because it can access any type of user database and provides HTTP BASIC authentication.


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