Wolfgang Hamann - 2009-08-29

So far I could solve special requirements with extra sections, plugins, and a fairly obvious enhancement
that calls a plugin function. (In case someone is interested, the extra section counts things like detail.php?prod_id=12345, and the conversion looks up the product info in a mysql database)
Now I came across a problem that would require more interconnections. While I hacked together some changes to the main program and a plugin, there might be others doing similar things
So far, the plugin
- provides standard ReadHistory and SaveHistory functions
- provides a standard ShowPagesAddField function
- has a non-standard SectionProcessLogEvent function that is called from the log file parser with an event tuple (I use $urlwithnoquery, $HostResolved, $timerecord and $PageBool here)
- has a requirement to read its history section for update (this happens normally) and for display. I added code to load plugin data for display if a plugin implements both a readhistory and a show function - but I could as well imagine methods where the plugin adds itself to the list of sections to load (In the particular case, loading data only for urldetail page but not for main page could become a reasonable plugin config option)