Stefan Berger - 2005-05-23

If there are encoded charcters in an URL (like spaces, 'German Umlaut charcters and so on) they are usually URL encoded %20, %e3.... In the sction 'Pages-URL' this ugly signs are shown. It would be nice to see the correct character instead. I solved it by some small modifications in the function 'ShowURLInfo':
For example replace the line: print "<a href=\&quot;".XMLEncode("$newkey")."\&quot; target=\&quot;url\&quot;>".XMLEncode($nompage)."</a>";
with: print "<a href=\&quot;".XMLEncode("$newkey")."\&quot; target=\&quot;url\&quot;>".DecodeEncodedString(XMLEncode($nompage))."</a>";

this need to be made on some other lines in the same function too. I think this is a nice feature and would like to see in a future version of AWStats.
Regards, Stefan