Adding an option not to bypass old records

Bill Moran
  • Bill Moran

    Bill Moran - 2006-12-08

    In my scenerio, I have load balancers and I don't want them all rotating their log files at the same time.

    See this thread for additional details on what I'm doing:

    Anyway, looking at line 6383 (I'm using awstats v 6.5) it appears as if I could simply add another check
    to cause it to assume that records are never old, then add that to the conf file. For example, if I changed:
    if ($timerecord <= $LastLine) { # Already processed
    if (($timerecord <= $LastLine) && $BypassOldRedords) { # Already processed

    Then setting $BypassOldRecords to true or false would control whether it skipped old records or just assumed that it didn't have to.

    Is this liable to bite me later on in the code? I have a sinking feeling that it will, but awstats is a pretty big chunk of perl, and it's going to take me quite a while to be sure this will work OK. Input from someone more familiar with the codebase would be welcome :)

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