Jean-Luc - 2010-09-24

Hello AWStats Developers,

We just released two new AWStats plugins:

  • Follow Me adds click path analysis to AWStats. The click path is the sequence of links followed by a visitor from his entry in the site till the end of his visit. The time spent on each page, status codes and methods are also included. Hits that are not pages are reported separately. This plugin makes your AWStats a stronger web analytics tool. Select a visitor and you get a report that lists the pages he visited and how long he looked at each page.

  • Referrers by Domain shows a list of referring domains and subdomains. For each referring domain, the referring subdomains are listed with the number of referring pages. For each subdomain, the referring pages from that subdomain can be viewed in a popup window (not available in HTML static reports).

These plugins are available at no charge. They can be installed at any time
and used on data that are already in AWStats database files.

Jean-Luc, InternetOfficer AWStats