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Where are stats saved/kept?

  • opentoe

    opentoe - 2013-03-06

    I'm using Awstats on my websites. I have a VPS and manage it through cpanel and WHM. I have my log rotation set to NOT keep logs over 35 days but when I visit my Awstats for my site I can still see last months stats there. It must be keeping this information some where, right? Does anyone know what controls this, how long does Awstats keep this info? Thanks.

  • opentoe

    opentoe - 2013-03-07

    I read the section there but the folders listed were just examples. None of them were on my system. No one knows how the data is kept or where it is?

  • Albrecht Mueller

    Of course this section does not tell you where AWStats keeps its database files. This section is part of a config file that allows you to specify this location. In order to know where the files actually are you need to have a look at the corresponding section in the config file used by your installation of AWStats. Did you have a look into the directory where is located? (That's the default location). Maybe you will find files named like
    MM: Month
    YYYY: Year insert your domain name.


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