Murat - 2008-11-11


I must update my log files scheduled.
Manualy, I run this command in the same day

perl -config=xx -update -debug=0 -LogFile="xx.log" -DatabaseBreak=month
perl -config=xx -update -debug=0 -LogFile="xx.log" -databasebreak=day
perl -config=xx -update -debug=0 -LogFile="xx.log" -DatabaseBreak=year
perl -config=xx -update -debug=0 -LogFile="xx.log" -DatabaseBreak=hour

For example : ex081101.log file, I think look first 500 row, how can I change this parameter ? My log file is too big and I must update this file all hours..

My second question is,
on server (Windows 2003) I cant make schedule job for these commands, Can you say me the best way ? How can I scheduled my updates ?