Unique Search URL from A9.com **IMPORTANT**

  • Andrew Weiner

    Andrew Weiner - 2004-09-18

    Amazon.com has release its new search engine called A9.com.  The referer does not have a query string.  It uses the URL to hold the search string as follows:


    The search in the above example is 'disaster recovery planning kit'.

    A9.com will show as a search engine but the search terms will not be counted as there is no query string (?) to parse.

    This is positioned to be a major search engine and we will need a solution.

    I have a simple fix for AWSTATS that can be used for A9 and for other search engines that do not have a query separator.

    In awstats.pl (ver 6.2 8/16/2004) line 6834 splits the URL and query. Add this line right after:

    $refurl[1] = $refurl[0] unless ($refurl[1]);

    This will assign the entire URL to the query string.

    In search_engines.pm set up entry as follows:
    # Major internationnal search engines

    %SearchEnginesHashID = (
    # Major internationnal search engines
    'a9\.', 'a9',

    # Most common search engines
    'a9' , 'http://a9\.com/',

    # Major internationnal search engines
    'a9', 'A9.com',

    Notice that the search known url is the actual URL including the slash before the search term begins.  Below is a listing of what awstats will see:

    $refurl[0]: http://a9.com/Project%20Management%20Tools
    $refurl[1]: http://a9.com/Project%20Management%20Tools
    $TmpRefererServer{$refererserver}: a9
    $SearchEnginesKnownUrl{$TmpRefererServer{$refererserver}}: http://a9\.com/
    $param: http://a9.com/project%20management%20tools

    Edly, please consider adding the line to awstats.pl and the A9.com search to search_engines.pl

    Thank you,

    • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

      I made another change in 6.3 but result is same.


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