LastLine parameter in history file....

  • Roger Barnes

    Roger Barnes - 2007-02-16

    I just installed Awstats on my webserver (Windows 2003 with IIS 6)

    I've seen in the forum that have reported a similar error message. However they say the error message resolved itself or "disappeared". My error message has not and I would like to get to the bottom of it. I have used Awstats for years w/o problem.

    WARNING: LastLine parameter in history file is '20070216135839' so in future. May be you need to correct manually the line LastLine in some awstats* files.

    • motogeek32

      motogeek32 - 2007-02-16

      Unfortunately I searched high and low and this appears to be magically occurance. Like I mention in my post, it disappeared after the system was reporting the logs in the schedule and I left it sit for 48 hours and the error disappeared.

      If it's been longer then 48 hours and you have the logs scheduled to update the data file every 24 hours, maybe post your config file and what versions you are running of awstats and perl version so others can see in more detail what the problem might be. Otherwise the wiseman on here won't reply with more information of your configuration.

      • Mike Donner

        Mike Donner - 2007-11-16

        This is a problem with IIS Extended Log Format. It uses UTC instead of the local time. AWStats will need to compensate for the time zone of the IIS server by allowing some sort of offset in the config file.

        • Rogerw

          Rogerw - 2008-02-06

          To my knowledge IIS has not changed the way it uses UTC recently, but others are reporting that this started when they upgraded from 6.5 to 6.6
 (and related messages in thread).

          So this makes me wonder what changed in 6.6 that would cause this problem to appear and has this been fixed?


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