multile log formats on the same awstats setup

  • Heather Smith

    Heather Smith - 2010-12-07

    Can awstats be configured to use different configuration files to run awstats
    on the same machine? We are thinking about sending log files from two
    different servers that have different http log file formats. As a result, the
    logformat configuration item would need to be different for each set of http
    log files that uses a different logformat value. Is there an easy way to do
    this or is it best to set up a different server for each logformat type?

    Heather Smith

  • Jean-Luc

    Jean-Luc - 2010-12-08


    I understand that you want to generate two sets of AWStats reports, one for
    each server. Then ,just create an AWStats configuration file per server. There
    is no need to install multiple copies of AWStats.

    Jean-Luc, InternetOfficer AWStats


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