Netscape Dying, Safari Growing

  • chasd

    chasd - 2008-02-29

    With the retirement of Netscape from the browser market, I think it is time to not have Netscape as a "family" anymore in the browser detail page. Yes, it is a sad time for those who used Netscape 1.x and kept using that browser as it grew up, but the number of hits from Netscape browsers has steadily declined, and no web developer I know cares which version of Netscape was used. Unless you still have some SGI O2's lying about running IRIX 6.5.x and Netscape 4.x is the browser you have, and you want to make people's eyes pop out when they read their stats ;)

    I also think it is time to introduce Safari as a "family." Since Safari 2.x and Safari 3.x behave so differently rendering HTML and executing JavaScript, we have been tracking Safari versions so we know what resources to apply to testing for those browser versions. The iPhone has made many of our clients request us to test on Safari when before they said "Safari who, where ?" The number of hits from Safari users has been climbing rather steadily. I personally use Camino when I am OS X, so I am not pushing my own favorite here.

    I use these changes now :

    Line 246 of :


    Inserted after line 6214 between netscape and firefox :

    my $regversafari=qr/safari.?\/([\d\.]*)/i;

    Inserted after line 7107 after Netscape section, before the Other Browsers section :

    # Safari ... ?
    elsif ($UserAgent =~ /$regversafari/o) {

    I also updated the lib/ file to know about newer versions of Safari :

    '416.13' => '2.0.2',
    '417.8' => '2.0.3',
    '417.9.2' => '2.0.3',
    '417.9.3' => '2.0.3',
    '419.3' => '2.0.4',
    '523.10' => '3.0.4',
    '523.12' => '3.0.4'

    I don't have enough perl-foo to get the WebKit version reported in the UA string translated into the Safari version ( from the array in ) before it is stuffed into the database, so my stats pages report the WebKit version not the Safari version, but that is OK for our needs. If someone does have the right incantation for that, I'd like to know it.

    Charles Dostale


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