Sean Mollet - 2007-09-23

Firstly, I'm not a perl developer. I'm a C developer and have only a passing familiarity with perl. I'm using awstats to report statistics on a website and noticed something odd. My site has several soap webservices running on it. These webservices all use GMT time and hence have their access_log entries listed in GMT. The remaining log entries, however, are listed in GMT-7 (server local time). Because of this, I get a horrendous number of corrupt records due to date being less then the previous record. Of course, the dates really aren't out of order.

Sample relevant log section - - [23/Sep/2007:04:15:19 -0700] - - [23/Sep/2007:11:15:20 +0000]

Those are two consecutive log entries. I looked at awstats and tried to figure out a way to properly parse the offset and apply it to the time, but as I said, my perl experience is quite limited. I finally ended up working around this by setting


I know that's a pretty ugly way to fix it though. After looking at the code, I couldn't find a way to get awstats to pay attention to the offset. Is there something I'm missing here?