fenomas - 2004-11-01

Regarding logresolvemerge.pl, revision 1.29:

After various problems analyzing gzipped log files, I discovered that logresolvemerge.pl does not check files for compression if the filename input contains wildcard characters (/?). That is, with everything worked with this config setting:
LogFile="logresolvemerge log1.gz log2.gz |"
but this one fails:
LogFile="logresolvemerge log
.gz |"
because logresolvemerge does not check for compression in the code branch beginning at line 424

I was able to get a fix working - basically I copied lines 406-416 and pasted after line 435. (Variable names need to be changed so the code works on $filearray instead of $ParamFile[$key]).

Might I suggest that the real distribution implement this? I can provide my code, but I'm not really proficient with perl, and it would be better if a real dev did it. If I should be posting demo code somewhere, I hope someone will let me know.