Georg Rehfeld - 2008-08-07

Hi all,

I'm serving files for and want to analyze traffic to the TVB dedicated download site with AWStats as good as possible. The (many, about 15,000) downloadable files are mostly *.gz updated once a day via 'rsync --delete ....'. Access to them is via HTTP GET requests from the TVB Java application, which identifies itself e.g. as useragent

TV-Browser 2.2.5 Java/1.4.2_12
TV-Browser 2.6 Java/1.6.0
TV-Browser 2.6.3 Java/1.6.0_07
TV-Browser 2.7 Java/1.6.0_03

depending on the TVB and Java version installed.

My main Problem is: I had to remove the 'java' catchall in "lib/", simply adding 'tv-browser' in "lib/" (all neccessary places) did NOT do the job alone, the 'java' catchall seems to have precedence. I also took a look into "", confess, that I didn't grasp most of it, but it seems to me, that the useragent string is checked againsts the BEFORE it is checked against the

So, am I left alone with this workaround? This would be a bad compromise, because AWStats runs on a virtual host serving several other domains ... at least for the other domains, the 'java' catchall should be in place!

Hints, anybody?

Second Problem: I am interested to get the TVB version used (like e.g. for Msie, Firefox or SVN). But the version handling seems to be buried deep inside "" and not configurable at all?

Any hint/help is very welcome.

Thanks for your time (and the great AWStats software),