Ligx - 2008-07-18

Dear Awstats support-Team,

Firstly, thanks a lot for your development of Awstats, such a super and powerful tool, with so many features and specially the feature “report tech supported by browser for Java/Flash”.

We are a Web2.0 Start-up located in Hamburg, Germany. Recently we have developed a new product Ligx. Ligx streams free , live, top concerts, festivals, conferences from all the places with internet access. Please visit us at

We have been using your product Awstats to measure our Web performance for a long time. Since our new site is a complete flash based website (all navigation and contents), we are not sure if Awstats could analyze it as well as normal HTML website? We suspect that the number of “pages” would be problematic. What will be counted as “pages” actually, when we don’t have html pages at all?

Can we use the number “pages” from your report directly as Page views (PV) or Page Impressions (PI) ? If not, could you please give us some advices or a better solution ?