Bogus country flags icons

  • Yuri Voinov

    Yuri Voinov - 2009-02-07


    the icons for countries flags included into Awstats 6.9 is too bogus and distorted by colors and proportions. Anybody have eyes?

    Do you with to change it to more better executed, free icon set can doenloaded from here:


    Trust me, guys - with this icons GeoIP report looks more perfectly.

    Also, you have not all country flags in your distribution. Some of them can be found link above.

    Thanks, bye.

    WBR, Yuri

    • Yuri Voinov

      Yuri Voinov - 2009-03-14

      So, just add it.

    • jeradc

      jeradc - 2009-02-16

      Those icons do look nice.


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