Problem with GeoIP City and DNSLookup

  • Vinz

    Vinz - 2004-12-31


    I noticed a problem with the plugin GeoIP City. When I make DNS resolution, the resolution of the city is not done any more. Rome Geneva San Francisco Redmond Aransas Pass Madrid Zrich Hicksville Zrich Inconnu 440 Inconnu Inconnu Inconnu Inconnu Inconnu

    Does somebody have a solution?
    Thank you in advance
    V. Hmmerli

    • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

      Do you mean if you make a DNS resolution by your web server or by awstats ?

      • Vinz

        Vinz - 2005-01-20

        All is in Awstats.

        I have load the plugin GeoIP City and if I enable the option DNS lookup the plugin GeoIP City won't find any cities any more.

        I think when DNS lookup is enable Awstats make DNS lookup first and then the plugin GeoIP City with this new DNS resolution. So the plugin don't work because the database of GeoIP City contains only the IP adress and not the DNS name.

        Awstats make : IP client -> DNS resolution -> Plugin GeoIP City

        Awstats should make this :
        IP client -> DNS resolution
        IP client -> Plugin GeoIP City


    • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

      I am not sure but I think that plugins provided with last stable version 6.3 fix this.


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