Two serious bugs with details

  • Jade Rubick

    Jade Rubick - 2006-11-10

    We have a load balanced setup that for multiple sites.

    Each site is kept in its own db directory (i.e. /path/to/awstats/db/sitename/)

    Bug 1. AWStats has the following bizarre behavior: if you look in the db folder for a site, such as uwkc (which would be at /path/to/awstats/db/uwkc/) there will be a number of database files, one for each month.

    If there are any files in that directory, AWStats automatically looks at the file names and takes the latest date in any file name. Even if you try to generate statistics for 092006 (September 2006), it will generate for November if there is a file called awstats112006.uwkc.txt or even if it is gzipped.

    This is present in AWStats version 6.5

    Bug 2. AWStats also does not strictly use the filenames for each database. For example, if you do the following, you will not get the expected results:

    cd /path/to/awstats/db/uwkc/
    mv * /tmp

    /path/to/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ -update -month 09 -year 2006 -config=uwkc -configdir=/path/to/awstats/conf
    (assume that the configuration file correctly points to a file that has
    data in the month of September)



    mv awstats092006.uwkc.txt awstats082006.uwkc.txt

    You would now expect to be able to regenerate statistics in September.
    However, this does not work as expected:

    /path/to/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/ -update -month 09 -year 2006 -config=uwkc -configdir=/path/to/awstats/conf


    awstats082006.uwkc.bak     awstats082006.uwkc.txt

    It may be that I am just not understanding AWStats. However, this has caused me such grief that I'm considering spending the considerable amount of time it will take to switch to another log analyzer. I need a process that is deterministic -- currently I can't make heads or tails of what AWStats is doing.

    I would greatly appreciate some insight into how AWStats works, or some suggested workarounds.


    • Jade Rubick

      Jade Rubick - 2006-11-13

      I'm switching to another product. Anybody have any recommendations on a product that gives reliable and predictable behavior?


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