Official for Google Chrome

  • Eric

    Eric - 2008-09-05


    Just to know if there is (or will be for beta 6.9) an official version for the Google Chrome browser.

    I saw in the general forum differents places to put the 'chrome','Chrome' parameter.

    Which is the really good place ? It is for me already at 0.4% ...

    Thanks in advance.

    • Nathan Hopkins

      Nathan Hopkins - 2009-03-11

      Mine for Feb 2009 is 1.1%

    • Eric

      Eric - 2008-09-08

      Thanks Laurent.

    • Slick Willy

      Slick Willy - 2008-09-12

      The really good place is a moving target, I suspect. If it really takes off, the best place probably would be to hack up to add it to the list of IE, FF, Netscape and SVN as most common browsers (or perhaps to replace Netscape).

      • jeradc

        jeradc - 2009-02-16

        sounds like the browser list should be abstracted out to separate config file in order to allow more updates like this to take place, quickly.


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