Jean-Luc - 2005-04-12

The percent column shows figures calculated by comparing the number of links from, say Google, to the total number of viewed pages. I doubt that this is of interest to anybody.

Most people believe they see a percent column showing the number of visitors coming from Google compared to the total number of visitors.

Although this cannot be done with perfect accuracy today, wouldn't it be easy and effective to show the following percents:
- links from a news group / total number of visitors (A);
- links from an internet search engine / total number of visitors (B);
- links from another external page / total number of visitors (C);
- and direct address / total number of visitors would be calculated as 100% - A - B - C.

Under "Connect to site from", the column "Pages" could be replaced by "Number of visits" (with the direct address value calculated as a difference as well).

Just my 2 cents.