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  • Arnaud GOUAILLE

    Arnaud GOUAILLE - 2008-09-10


    I have another application which uses a database. In this database, I have a table where I can get the username of a specific host from his IP address.

    I would like to add the name of a host after the IP address in the top10 hosts by running a SQL command. I would get something like that : (Jack Sheppard) (Jack Bauer)

    I've found where to add my little code in script for the complete hosts list, last visits or unknown hosts but I can not find where I have to add my code for the top10, in main page.

    Can somebody help me on that ?

    Arnaud GOUAILLE

    • Arnaud GOUAILLE

      Arnaud GOUAILLE - 2008-10-01

      Hi Jean-Luc,

      what I need to display is a name and a firstname, I don't think the static DNS file would return it to me.

      If I could know how the top10 hosts list is built I would be able to add this information (that I've done successfully for complete hosts, last visits hosts and unknown hosts by the way...)

      • Arnaud GOUAILLE

        Arnaud GOUAILLE - 2008-10-01

        Hm ok I've found what I was searching for...

        it's in the line 9882 of :

        foreach my $key (@keylist) {
        print "<tr>";
        print "<td class=\&quot;aws\&quot;>$key</td>";

    • Jean-Luc

      Jean-Luc - 2008-09-10

      Bonjour Arnaud,

      Did you consider to create a static DNS cache file ? This should solve your problem if you use "DNSLookup=2" in the AWStats config file.



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