Lraymond - 2012-03-07

Afternoon, read the FAQ and help on setting up the mail server records. I have
copied my mail.log from my running postfix to the awstats server. (I am
curious if I have a, mail.err, can i add those, are they multiple
logfile commands, etc.) but more important, I made the changes recommended,
and when I run my update all, the script stop's at the following;

Running '"/usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -update -config -configdir="/etc/awstats"' to update config

and the command prompt never returns. The box is sitting idle, ps shows 5 perl
processes all with a S+ state. When I visit the URL, I see the statistics for,
and last update shows Never updated (See 'Build/Update' on awstats_setup.html

Is there a newer doc, howto, etc. or something I can provide to help aid this
process along.