i changed the name of a (virtual)host from (example) a.domain.tld to b.domain.tld. this host has its own apache access logs and awstats configuration - which changed accordingly. the history files saved to the awstats data directory are now correctly named 'awstatsMMYYYY.b.domain.tld.txt' and 'dnscachelastupdate.b.domain.tld.hash', and the html reports look fine - except that i'm missing the history for this website by its previous name.

is it possible to 'add' this history again to the html reports for the current SiteDomain?

note that:

  • i can not just rerun awstats with logresolvemerge.pl, because i have a longer history for a.domain.tld than there are apache logs left (apache logs are deleted from my server after one year).
  • i still have all 'awstatsMMYYYY.a.domain.tld.txt' history files from the moment this site started.

context: ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid lynx), awstats 6.9 (build 1.925).