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Combining awstats files

  • Patrick Horn

    Patrick Horn - 2004-10-20

    I have two problems:

    First, my September logs have a bunch of .tmp.xxxx files and an empty txt file. The tmp files seem to contain the data, so is there a way to combine those into one .txt file?

    Next, I had an old log file which ended in awstatsxxxxx. and another with awstatsxxxxx.txt due to a change in configuration. Is there a way to combine the data? Right now the first part of October doesn't show up because that data is in the first file.

    And if I change the configuration back, then the rest of October doesn't show up (I already ran awstats update before I discovered the problem )

    Thanks for input!

    • Daivd Pollard

      Daivd Pollard - 2004-10-20

      Hi There,
      I'm not a huge expert but you may want to try this.
      If you still have all the log files just move the problem awstats data files somewhere else. Then modify your conf file to point to each of the log files that you want to process one at a time. Just make sure that you process them in date order.

      If you don't have the log files then I have no idea :)

      Hope this is of some help


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