Help with Streaming Media Log

  • My logs are collecting the following:

    c-ip date time c-dns cs-uri-stem c-starttime x-duration c-rate c-status c-playerid c-playerversion c-playerlanguage cs(User-Agent) cs(Referer) c-hostexe c-hostexever c-os c-osversion c-cpu filelength filesize avgbandwidth protocol transport audiocodec videocodec channelURL sc-bytes c-bytes s-pkts-sent c-pkts-received c-pkts-lost-client c-pkts-lost-net c-pkts-lost-cont-net c-resendreqs c-pkts-recovered-ECC c-pkts-recovered-resent c-buffercount c-totalbuffertime c-quality s-ip s-dns s-totalclients s-cpu-util

    Is it possible for a reply that includes the current fields that I need to place in my config file to get this to work?

    Email your responses please to:

    Thanks for your help

  • Ammamit

    Any luck? I am looking for a similar help. Can you share your findings please.