AWStats "Update Now" Button

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    About a week ago I clicked on the Update Now button located at the top of my sites AWStats page. It could be just a coincidence, but my sites visitor referrals from Google dropped by about 60% the day after I clicked the button. Is it possible that the AWStats update could have frightened Googles bot? If not, what exactly did I do when I clicked on the Update Now button. Thanks! Jim Pflaum Raleigh, NC

    • Thorsten Franzke

      Well, you ran awstats to update the statistics shown, in general: Read the logfile, do the calculations, show the sats.
      I guess it's just been plain coincidence that your google referrals dropped. It's not this uncommon that a site disappears from google for a while (without any obvious reason) and then all of a sudden reoccurs better positioned than ever before.

      Best regards,


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for your feedback T. Like you, I really didn't think that clicking the "Update Now" button would affect our site's Google ranking, but just wanted to confirm. No response needed. Thanks again T.


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