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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I came across an interesting problem today, I have AWStats configured to run every morning on our webserver, we get about 70k visitors per day, so our log files are about 250mb. I'm on a win2k3 box, using Apache, with combined log file format, and cronolog to separate logs for different days. I use Cygwin's perl (since ActivePerl sucked with AWStats).

    So today, it looks like it stopped working. The HTML report says that the last update was yesterday, even though I ran the script again a few times. The log from the script looks like:

    Start script at Wed Sep 29 08:55:32 PDT 2004
    Update for config "./"
    With data in log file "d:/apache2/logs/access_2004_09_28.log"...
    Phase 1 : First bypass old records, searching new record...
    Direct access to last remembered record is out of file.
    So searching it from beginning of log file...
    Phase 2 : Now process new records (Flush history on disk after 20000 hosts)...
    Flush history file on disk (unique url reach flush limit of 5000)
    Flush history file on disk (unique url reach flush limit of 5000)
    Build main page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output
    Build alldomains page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=alldomains
    Build allhosts page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=allhosts
    Build lasthosts page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=lasthosts
    Build unknownip page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=unknownip
    Build allrobots page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=allrobots
    Build lastrobots page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=lastrobots
    Build session page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=session
    Build urldetail page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=urldetail
    Build urlentry page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=urlentry
    Build urlexit page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=urlexit
    Build osdetail page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=osdetail
    Build unknownos page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=unknownos
    Build browserdetail page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=browserdetail
    Build unknownbrowser page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=unknownbrowser
    Build refererse page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=refererse
    Build refererpages page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=refererpages
    Build keyphrases page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=keyphrases
    Build keywords page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=keywords
    Build errors404 page: "d:/AWStats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/" -staticlinks -output=errors404
    20 files built.
    Main HTML page is ''.
    Script finished at Wed Sep 29 09:06:49 PDT 2004

    Any idea why it stopped working?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Found these errors:

      Out of memory during request for 1016 bytes, total sbrk() is 402305024 bytes!
      Out of memory during request for 1228 bytes, total sbrk() is 402305024 bytes!

      Weird. Perl Errors?

    • travisd d

      travisd d - 2004-09-30

      Looks like cygwin has a max amount of memory that can be allocated, it's either 256 or 384 by default. This has to be increased which can be done by setting heap_chunk_in_mb as a registry value, as described in Cygwin faqs.


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