What do the "Other" metrics mean

  • GaryGuthrie

    GaryGuthrie - 2014-02-12

    In doing a metrics review of pages/files that our visitors have accessed, I get
    Filter HotSeat: 379 different pages-url Viewed Average size Entry Exit
    then, at the bottom, this...
    Others 1203234 37.58 MB 168309 168360
    So am I to believe that I only have 379 pages that were touched or 379 PLUS 168309?

  • Albrecht Mueller

    I think you are talking about the "Pages-URL (Top 10)" section of the AWStats report. The headline of this section should contain links named "Full list", "Entry" and "Exit". Maybe a look at these more detailed reports will clarify the matter.

  • GaryGuthrie

    GaryGuthrie - 2014-02-13

    Got that, but what's throwing us off is the "Other" number and what it means. Take a look at the attached and, maybe, that will help.

  • jockee

    jockee - 2014-02-13

    You're mixing the figures up. 379 is the total number of pages/urls that were accessed at your site. The figures under Viewed is the number of times the pages were accessed.

  • Albrecht Mueller

    After a short look into the source code of my version of AWStats (7.3) I have got the impression that the "Others" number is the sum of all files that are not listed in the report, probably hidden due to the use of a filter. If my assumption is correct the numbers given for the individual files plus the number given in the "Others" line should add up to the corresponding values in "Summary" part of the main page.

    BTW: You seem to use version 6.9. In the AWStats change log I found an entry stating that download tracking was added in version 7.0. Maybe this could make your life easier.


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