I have AWSTATS on one website (www.hmultiplex.ro) and also there if a trafic counter on that website.

The results in terms of users, visits, pages, etc. differ very much from one another.

For example, for Sptember 2004, AWSTATS says 12422 unique visitors, 33980 visits, 797507 pages, while trafic counter says 21434 visitors and 137.000 pages.

The trafic counter is on all pages, except for the pop-ups which are 2 only on the main page (the rest of the website is free of pop-ups).

If you want to see for yourselves, here are the AWSTATS results: http://www.hmultiplex.ro/awstats/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?month=09&year=2004&output=main&config=www.hmultiplex.ro&lang=en

and here are the trafic:


Can anybody please explain why? How can I repair this?