Unusual setup required for reading log files

  • William Sanders

    William Sanders - 2009-09-01

    Okay, here's my problems:

    Problem 1: I'm implementing AW Stats for a client, at their request. They are running their website on a hosted server. I therefore have to implement it without access to any of the web server settings or config. I have managed to install it, but I'm having trouble with the correct entry in the config file for the logs, due to the remaining problems.

    Problem 2: This web host has multiple servers, 5 in fact, for load balancing and redundancy. So there are 5 log files for each day. I know about the logresolvemerge script, and have succeeded in using it to read a single day's logs, however the fact that I don't have any access to server config prevents me scripting an update each day, and the following problem makes things even more complicated.

    Problem 3: At the end of each day, the log files are compressed into .zip files. This is on what I believe is a linux box. I'm told that there is an unzip program available at /usr/bin/unzip, which I THINK is this: http://www.info-zip.org/UnZip.html.

    So what I've now spent hours bashing my head against is the problem that I don't even know if I can combine an unzip with a logresolvemerge in the config file. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Jean-Luc

      Jean-Luc - 2009-09-01


      logresolvemerge has built-in support for .gz and .bz2 compressed files. You could hack the script to make it support .zip. Alternately you can separately uncompress the .zip files before you process them with logresolvemerge.

      I do not understand why you need "access to server config" to automate the daily updates. Task Scheduler (Windows) or cron (Linux) should allow you to automate tasks.


    • William Sanders

      William Sanders - 2009-09-01

      Okay, I'm no perl coder. Assistance with the script hack would be appreciated please.

      As for task scheduler/cron, it's a single hosted website on a professional web hosting solution, and I'm not in control of the hosting. I don't have access to either.


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