Search engine/keyworks and OS information are missing

  • Meteor

    Meteor - 2013-04-15


    I just upgrade awstats to version 7.1.1
    And I'm using freebsd and Perl 5.14.2
    Now the search engine/keyworks and OS information are missing in my awstats result
    In the past it works fine, anyone can help?

  • o6asan

    o6asan - 2013-04-15

    I had the same issue with ActivePerl-5.16.1.
    I made a diff file by using as a reference.

    You can download it from my site. Try my diff file.

    In my case, the problem was fixed by this.

    You can also download from if you need.

    Good luck!!

    • Meteor

      Meteor - 2013-04-17

      Hi o6asan,

      Thanks very much.
      Do you have which is working?

  • o6asan

    o6asan - 2013-04-17

    Doesn't work?

    After I updated from 7.1 to 7.1.1, I have no customization for my which works very well with ActivePerl- So, I have no customized which is working right now.

    Actually, I had the same issue of you, when I used ver.7.0 with ActivePerl- or ver.7.1 with ActivePerl-

    I run my AWStats with ActivePerl on WindowsXP.

    The environment between yours and mine is very different. Your is maybe from awstats-7.1.1.tar.gz, isn't it? But my check of both zip version and tar version about ver.7.1.1 says there's no difference.

    So, if the next customizations to the three lines give you no improvement, I don't have another idea.

    line 10693
    default: if ( $key =~ /^$family(.)/i ) {
    custom: if ( $key =~ /^$family(.
    )/ ) {

    line 10987
    default: if ( $key =~ /^$family(.)/i ) {
    custom: if ( $key =~ /^$family(.
    )/ ) {

    line 15708
    default: if ( $key =~ /^$family/i ) {
    custom: if ( $key =~ /^$family/ ) {

    • Meteor

      Meteor - 2013-04-18

      The issue has been fixed.
      The problem is that in Freebsd port, even though the awstats version is marked as 7.1.1, it'll install 7.1. So I just download awstats from the website and overwrite all the files on server. Now it works fine.


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