UTF-8 Problem

  • Michael Grosseck

    Hello there,

    My Apache specifies UTF-8 in the HTTP Header (even if I do not set the AddDefaultCharset) but the awstats html pages are generated in iso-8859-1. The most browser relate on the HTTP Header, so the awstats generated sites show me a lots of � instead the right character. If I switch manually to iso-8859-1 in the browser the characters are ok.
    But I can not switch back to iso-8859-1, because a lots of other sites on this server are already utf-8 encoded. So, how can I tell awstats to generate utf-8 encoded sites? The awstats version is 6.5 the default version on Debian Etch.

    • Jean-Luc

      Jean-Luc - 2009-02-02


      You wrote: "how can I tell awstats to generate utf-8 encoded sites?"

      Well, you cannot. You would have to change the AWStats source code to do that. It will probably be easier to move the AWStats reports to another server.


    • Slick Willy

      Slick Willy - 2009-02-02

      I'm not sure I completely understand your problem, but have you set


      in your .conf?


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