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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    My stats page works pretty well.. but occasionally I have problems:

    The stat page will stop 'updating' itself - even when I press refresh in the browesr or update on the page. So my unique ID stay at the same amount, and the amount of visitors for that day says 0... but I know for a fact that unique ID's and repeat visitors are coming to the site? Why is it doing this? My other stat pages are working fine?

    Also.. the date is highlited properly and it says the right date and time? What gives?
    Thanks for your time!
    Tamara - the newbie

    • Daivd Pollard

      Daivd Pollard - 2004-10-22

      I had a problem similar to this when I first set up AWstats.
      I'm using IIS and the log files are named after the date using GMT. I'm 10 hours ahead of GMT so each morning at 10am Awstats would loose the plot because new log files are created and AWStats is still looking at the old ones.

      I modifed the conf file to included an offset for my time zone. (notice the -10's)


      Your problem might be completely unrelated. You might want to post a little more information about your environemnt.

      Hope this helps.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      .. maybe I should have been more specific.. Im a newbie, lol

      I check my stats online and lately it hasnt been updating.. just the date, but no other information.

      My problem:
      - Im on a MAC.. and I check my stats online, so I cant change any code.
      - Its happening on mutiple web sites (while other stats are still functioning properly)

      Can anyone help! Im in DIRE PAIN- Im testing out ad campaigns and its hard to tell if their working with no stats!


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