Direct access to last remembered record...

  • When I run awstats I get the error

    "Direct access to last remembered record has fallen on another record."

    This only happens on the large, busy webservers. Is this perhaps an apache problem in which records are written as awstats is running?

    This happens most of the time, and lengthens the analysis quite significantly.

    • After a bit more research, it seems to be messing up the crc check. I have had it print out the line it jumps to and compared that output to the line in the file, and they appear identical.

    • The problem is that awstats is apparently not checking that the line is complete while it is checking the logfiles. So the end line is often truncated on a busy server, leading to a bad checksum. Need to add code to make sure the line is complete before sotring it as last line, and if the line is not complete (no newline in unix) then going back to the last line or waiting for the line to finish.