Processing Time

  • Anthony Whitford

    Tomcat access logs offer 2 variables for processing time:

    %D - Time taken to process the request, in millis
    %T - Time taken to process the request, in seconds

    Unfortunately, I don't see AWStats using this information. Wouldn't it be useful to see the top n pages that take the most average time?

    • Anthony Whitford

      According to:
      "No graphs are produced." for ExtraSections.

      Graphs aside... I need to be able to sort at least. I can build an ExtraSection for time taken, but how can I sort that to see the top x pages?

      Calculations are another issue... Ideally, I want to be able to take the average time for the page, but "Calculated fields, such as summing the bandwidth used for a particular file, is not supported."

    • Locutus233

      Locutus233 - 2009-02-26

      I want to do this with my apache logs. I think you can use the extras section to create a graph that shows this. However I'm not sure on the specific way to do it. I was thinking about also perhaps taking the data and creating some custom rrdtool based graphs to graphing the average amount of time it takes to generate certain pages.


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