Awstats not user-friendly

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    Hello Ill tried to use Awstats to work on my IIS  6.0 webserver. Generating logs works but only after a long time of frustrating reading incomplete documents and text files.
    I have the feeling that somehow its not supposed to work good on IIS. This tool is too much trouble to set up and unfortunately there is only bad documentation

    I also tried LogProcess 1v0 but this one only generated errors after I correctly followed the manual step by step

    Why cant there be an normal Interface for Awstats / Logprocess where you can point to websites to log, specifieng the variables in a clickable interface. Personally I dont care to much about the under laying config.files.

    In other words it creates great log files but It sucks to set it up

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yeay, you got that right. I installed it under Apache for Linux. It took me three days to complete it.
      The docs are a complete laugh. You have to read many times over and over.

      As for the IIS part, I don't run a IIS server myself.
      But it seems easier to do than the Unix/Linux version.
      Just renaming a config file,make some small modifications,copt the CGI-BIN directory and the icon-directory.That can't be that difficult.

      Well, anyhow I got mine configuration working.
      But not because of the help on this forum.
      This forum sucks bigtime. Everyone is reading, but not anwsering. Besides this forum is real slow, and I'll not show my face here again.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you know the basics of system administration and can find your way around the IIS administrator, you can configure it to work.

      It's not user-friendly? It's a Perl application which requires Perl to be installed.  Perl is for system administrators and engineers. What did you expect, especially for an open-source project built by volunteers?

      Read through this forum. By the way, I installed it and had it running in under 45 minutes - and that includes getting it running on a staging server first. I did work on it for several hours more tweaking settings here and there but believe me by following the instructions step by step, awstats WILL work.  Even a novice can configure it (please do not take offense - I do not mean to offend).

      If you are running into specific errors or need help on a specific issue by all means PLEASE post the questions here. Don't just run in here and say "awstats sucks" because volunteers have worked long and hard on this project. I've worked in enterprise environments where logging tools do not come even close to offering the level of functionality offered by awstats, even in packages costing tens of thousands of dollars.

      Customizing it is a different story - awstats is tricky in that regard but you can very quickly pick up the basics of how it works just by reading the code, or if you are totally new to scripting and programming, by buying and reading O'Reilly's book "Perl in a nutshell"

      Don't get frustrated. If you need help, please ask for it. Don't just run in here and start flaming the developers.

      I'm not an awstats developer - I only use it (and customized what I needed to integrate it with my company's environment) but I do develop other tools and believe me awstats is one of the better administration tools out there.

      Post your questions, and if you have better ideas for the documentation, perhaps once you're up and running you might consider volunteering.  Personally I found the documentation to be EXCELLENT for an open-source project. Try running some other open-source projects (even Linux) and you'll be grateful for the attention to the level of detail volunteers contributed to this project.

      Kimberly Lazarski

    • Drallas

      Drallas - 2004-08-11

      I don't wrote that AWstats sucks, I also like AWstats and it does create great logviews even better then commercial tools. I only wish it could be easier to configure, I mean its lacking a frontend. For instance If you want to recreate logfile's you will suffer nightmares from the process of doing that. It should be a an easy option in a frontend.

      Of course I have respect for the developers who are spending there free time to create this wonderful peace of software. I only wish there was a Front-end (also for Wintendo)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      We have just stop to try to install awstats on a Linux server under apache for we have no easy informations about where and how to install it.

      We havn't managed to run it in a browser and in a console it write loads of errors (undefined strings).

      That's a pitty there is not a good fully and simple file to explain step by step the process. It would take to the developpers a few minutes and avoid to the users hours of questionning.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Buddy it sounds like you need to go back to and take the Unix/Linux course again. I mean, I set awstats up on Apache on SuSE Linux 8.2 with no problems. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

        Without knowing your exact setup and what steps you "actually" did. I would say thoses errors are probably from having wrong versions installed, incorrect permissions, or incorrect LogFile= variable. Hint: is your friend.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I'm a french user, and my english is not very good, I don't understand how install and use awstats in my server...

      If someone can tell me with some "easy words" how to do...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Wow - I'm rather confused by these posts. I've found awstats probably the easiest and more reliable to install properly of all linux programs for years.

      Installation on IIS I have no idea on (why you would use windows to host websites is beyond me), but for a linux box its very easy. In fact, if you're not able to easily install it on a linux box, I am concerned on how you have setup the rest of the box.

      If youre trying to get it running on IIS, then I can symphaise in that its not like other windows programs with GUIs. All I can suggest is that you find someone to write such a GUI up :P

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This is true the documentation is not the userfredntly, and they should look at having some GUI setup script written for it to make it easier. And for the person taht said Perl is for Ssy admins and enginerrs that is WRONG! Perl is used by them but it is also by normal web programers who dont know the admin side of the server enviroment.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      awstats is reasonable easy to configure. Getting it up and running is quite easy. Although getting it to do something that isn't standard can be tricky.

      I for example have no clue how to get the iis ftp log in such a format that awstats can parse it and produce something usefull (for iis there isn't a single mention on how to configure log settings where there are is documentation for other ftp servers).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I had Awstats up and running in 15 minutes.  On two separate boxes.  Linux boxes mind you.  Then, followed the instructions to have it report maillog statistics, in another 15 minutes.

      Awstats was incredibly easy to figure out.  As one of the posts above said, it's one of the easiest Linux installs in a very very long time!

    • Jason Reid

      Jason Reid - 2004-08-16

      I agree. It is one of the easiest things to install, configure, update and tweak that I've seen written in Perl. And after working with it for a long period (since v5.0), it becomes even easier. Although you do need to have a basic understanding of unix/linux administration to configure the environment around it, it isn't too difficult. And if you stumble, just do what was mentioned above and ask questions.

    • Anonymous - 2004-08-17

      Setup was quite easy by just following the instructions. It took about 1 hour. And I like the statistics. They look very nice.

      But the thing I really would like to have is a tool for user & domain management. HTTP-Auth is supported, but with about 70 different apache logfiles, more than 100 domain namens (including some aliases) und about 50 customers of my company you can't just work with .htaccess. (mod_auth_mysql isn't very useful in this case, too.) You need a database and an interface to manage it, which is quite easy to develop. But as far as I see there is no way to make it work with awstats. Is there?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      After having used Analog and other (free) log analyzers/viewers, I found that AWStats is relatively easy to setup. It took me a couple of hours of making it do 95% of what I wanted.
      So, my congratulations to all the ones who volonteered to make it happen.
      Nobody should expect a piece of software with so many supported platforms not to have some difficulty.

    • Anonymous - 2004-08-21

      Well, I'm an english-speaking windoze-savvy linux newbie, and I had a lot of difficulty with it.  In fact, it's still not working.  I first tried to install it *the the directory that it recommended*, but that wasn't in my wwwroot area, so.... what then?  copy the files?  I have no idea.  So, I copied the awstats files from that directory to my wwwroot directory, as indicated by their directory structure on unziping, but now they're not even recognized.  Yes, it found my logfile, after I edited the config file, but I have no idea what to do now. 

      Seriously,  What do I do?  How do I get to my stats from a remote computer when the awstats *wanted* to be installed to a directory that isn't in the wwwroot area?  I don't get it.  It's not working, and my only hope of getting it to work is for somebody here to help me. 

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I agree.  I have spent two days on and off trying to even understand how to get awstats to view in HTML mode.  I have my iis setup but where is the index.htm file?  I am not a savy pearl user, I am a strong ASPX programmer and I have trouble.  The instructions are simple to read yes but hard to completely understand exactly what to do quite often.  Thanks

    • Nobody/Anonymous

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hmmm, it seems like if you really knew enough about IIS or Apache to open it up to the public, you ought to not have too many problems understanding what awstats needs. (sorry for being harsh but it is true)

      Other than that, this is just like any other perl application. (perl has been in use for a ....long.... time now)  I find the conf file sufficient in it's documentation and organization. I have set awstats up on Apache 1.3.x, 2.0.x, and IIS 5. I've done virtual and stand alone configurations to converting maillogs and even logging ftp with this application. I don't think it ever takes me longer than 15 mins to upload and configure the conf file.  I have also used other pay applications like loganalyzer, and awstats is by far the best of what I've tried for 'log analyzing'.

      The problem I have with this thread is that I don't understand coming to a project (where volunteers do this in their free time) and complain about how you don't understand perl or IIS, but blame them for their generous efforts by saying they are not doing enough.... If you only have bad things to say about awstats, don't use it..

      I for one say, "Thanks for what you have given us Awstats team. We are in debt to you." More people should *donate* time or money for this superb project.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've installed and used AwStats on three machines already. Yet I've had to follow the manual on the letter. But that's a fact: you must know what you're doing. Hey, after all, isn't it what an admin is supposed to do?

      If one doesn't know IIS/Apache nor how AwStats stats works a little bit then it'll be difficult. If you've worked with Unix-like systems then running a few commands on a console shouldn't be that challenging.

      Awstats is a great tool. I hope developers will have enough means and energy to go on that way. They've put so much effort providing a free product that offers much more than anyone's expectations. At least to me :).

      Vince C.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I had a hard time at first setting up awstats because I have done a pearl app before.  I am an ASPX guy.  Now that I have everything working, I must say:
      Thanks AWSTATS team.  Your product is fanstastic and I lift you up for doing such fantastic FREE work.  You guys ROCK!  

    • Greg Carter

      Greg Carter - 2004-09-01

      The main problem I had setting up AWSTATS was learning file permissions and paths. This was the first "program" I tried to install. The rest of what I had done was web pages. I read my web host's generic documentation on setting up programs like this on their servers (BSD-APACHE) and had AWSTATS running in about an hour. Actually it was running in about 30 minutes, I spent another 30 customizing.

      The docs are very basic and they should be. Even the best documentation wouldn't be able to cover all the server configurations out there. The documentation stops short of trying to do that. But I was able to use my web host's documentation and match them up to get AWSTATS running.

      Good luck with it to all. It will be worth the effort. And you can't beat the price.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm an experienced Linux admin and I've tried several times to get AWstats working on Red Hat Enterprise Linux without success. I can get some of it working but it never does exactly what I expect.

      I considered moving to AWstats from our existing webalizer and sawmill installs but AWstats is not very easy to understand or use.

      My main complaint is poorly written documentation. The install instructions are enough to dissuade most admins. And there are no answers to obvious questions For example. I want to process my old Apache log files as well as my new ones - how do I do it? Most log analysers do this automatically but AWstats seems to need hand feeding.

      I appreciate the work that has gone into making the AWstats package as generic as possible, but it really needs an outside person to step back and take a look at overall ease of use. There is no point in making it easy to install in a dozen different environments if most admins can't get it to run in those environments.

    • bbrendon

      bbrendon - 2004-09-07

      I have a little sympathy for people using awstats from the windows environment, but the admin's in this forum better not be getting paid for their admin work if they can not make it work.

      FWIW, i switched from analyzer to awstats one day in a complex environment, and had never used awstats before. I got it working in an automated fashion for an unlimited # of websites using one configuration file in one day. some of the work was perl, but i got everything working in a day.

      its open source. if you don't like the docs, figure out how to use it and submit better ones to the developers.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well said bbrendon. I've been using it since it first came out and it's a brilliant product ... even if the doccumentation is a bit difficult to get used to at first :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      As mentioned earlier on by another anonymous user, was the following documentation actually helpful to anyone (as it purports to be the "definitive" guide)?


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